Instaglam Watercolours

Instaglam Watercolours




Introducing the perfect watercolour to use before a glam night out. Imagine a hot pink bath, with yellow and orange pigments working to create kaleidoscopic effects. Containing Kaolin Clay to leave your skin in top condition! This Watercolour also has a perfumy fragrance of starlight diva and sandalwood essential oil.



Moisturising – Crafted from natural ingredients


100% Handmade



100% Handmade – All Bomb Costmetic products are 100% handmade


Cruelty Free


Cruelty free – Because we love animals


Vegan Friendly
Vegan Friendly – This product is suitable for vegans


How To Use:
Drop into a warm bath and watch as the Watercolours fizz & create art in your bath water while releasing their pure essential oils.
Rinse bath well after use.


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